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1. Creation of a shield to protect society against the crisis
• Not a single citizen without a guaranteed minimum income or unemployment benefit, medical care, social protection, housing, and access to all services of public utilities.
• Protection of and relief measures for indebted households.
• Price controls and price reductions, VAT reduction, and abolition of VAT on basic-need goods.

2. Disposal of the debt burden

The national debt is first and foremost a product of class relations, and is inhumane in its very essence. It is produced by the tax evasion of the wealthy, the looting of public funds, and the exorbitant procurement of military weapons and equipment.
We are asking immediately for:
• A moratorium on debt servicing.
• Negotiations for debt cancellation, with provisions for the protection of social insurance funds and small savers. This will be pursued by exploiting any available means, such as audit control and suspension of payments.
• Regulation of the remaining debt to include provisions for economic development and employment.
• European regulations on the debt of European states.
• Radical changes to the European Central Bank's role.
• Prohibition of speculative banking products.
• A pan-European tax on wealth, financial transactions, and profits.

3. Income redistribution, taxation of wealth, and elimination of unnecessary expenses
• Reorganization and consolidation of tax collection mechanisms.
• Taxation of fortunes over 1 million euros and large-scale revenues.
• Gradual increase, up to 45%, of the tax on the distributed profits of corporations (SA).
• Taxation of financial transactions.
• Special taxation on consumption of luxury goods.
• Removal of tax exemptions for ship owners and the Greek Orthodox Church.
• Lifting of confidentiality for banking and merchant transactions, and pursuit of those who evade taxes and social insurance contributions.
• Banning of transactions carried out through offshore companies.
• Pursuit of new financial resources through efficient absorption of European funds, through claims on the payment of German World War II reparations and occupation loan, and finally via steep reductions in military expenses.

4. Productive social and environmental reconstruction
• Nationalization/socialization of banks, and their integration into a public banking system under social and workers' control, in order to serve developmental purposes. The scandalous recapitalization of the banks must stop immediately.
• Nationalization of all public enterprises of strategic importance that have been privatized so far. Administration of public enterprises based on transparency, social control, and democratic planning. Support for the provision of Public Goods.
• Protection and consolidation of co-operatives and SMEs in the social sector.
• Ecological transformation in development of energy production, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. These reforms will prioritize nutritional abundance and fulfillment of social needs.
• Development of scientific research and productive specialization.

5. Stable employment with decent wages and social insurance

The constant degradation of labour rights, coupled with embarrassing wage levels, does not attract investment, development, or employment.
Instead, we are calling for:
• Well-paid, well-regulated, and insured employment.
• Immediate reconstitution of the minimum wage, and reconstitution of real wages within three years.
• Immediate reconstitution of collective labour agreements.
• Instigation of powerful control mechanisms that will protect employment.
• Systematic opposition of lay-offs and the deregulation of labour relations.

6. Deepening Democracy: democratic political and social rights for all





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