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De Desigualdade, não-mérito e rendas... a 2 de Maio de 2016 às 16:58
--- Os multimilionários não apenas escondem o 'seu' dinheiro;
a 'sua' riqueza não é 'ganha'/merecida, não é produzida em actividades que criam verdadeiro benefício económico.
A maioria da concentração de riqueza advém de 'rendas e privilégios'.


...when it comes to the very richest Americans (Forbes’ billionaires), 74% of their wealth is derived from rents.

I recently explored this issue in my paper Extreme Wealth Is Not Merited, and found that American industries that produce more billionaire wealth than average relative to their size share one of three characteristics:
•They depend heavily on the state whether through government procurement, licenses, or subsidies, and are therefore prone to rent-seeking. This category includes for instance oil, gas and mining, gambling, or forestry.
•They are plagued by market failures such as imperfect information, like finance, or by the combination of intellectual property and so-called “network externalities”, which create monopolies like those that pervade the IT industry and industries prone to fads like fashion and music.
•The billionaire wealth they have generated is largely inherited.
---- https://www.oxfam.org/en/research/extreme-wealth-not-merited

--- «Como os ricos ficam ricos?»
74% são 'rendas'


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