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e O q. está a acontecer no Egipto?
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... we are obviously sorry and very sad about all these killings, but still hope that things will go back to normal sooner rather than later. As friends of Egypt and of many Egyptians, you may like to know what is really happening, which is more than what meets the eye. To summarize:

1. Following President Mubarak resignation, a new president belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood (Mohamed Morsi) was elected by 51% of the vote (i.e. 49% of Egyptian did not vote for him).
He was democratically elected, but so was Hitler.
Most of the voters voted for him because the opposite candidate, although excellent, belonged unfortunately to the old Mubarak regime.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic movement which has the ultimate aim of re-establishing the caliphate i.e. to establish a pan-Muslim state extending from Andalucia in Spain to India, with a new caliph (The last caliph was the Ottoman Sultan and the caliphate was abolished in 1923 following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War).
They are represented in more than 60 countries, working mainly underground, with headquarters in Munich ( They have a strong financial network based in Switzerland (
They do not believe in modern political borders (including that of Egypt) and put the interests of their pan-Islamic plan before Egyptian interests. Their branch in Gaza is Hamas (short for Islamic Resistance Movement).
They believe in arm struggle to achieve their aims and are famous, since their establishment in 1927, for introducing political assassinations in Egypt of politicians (, (
and judges (

3. Once in charge, this new President Morsi started his time by blatantly issuing three unconstitutional edicts unheard of in any democracy:
(i) he issued an edict making all his decision uncontestable in courts!!!
(ii) he fired one of the highest judges, the director of public prosecution, and
(iii) he asked the Parliament, which has been abolished by the Supreme Constitutional Court, to continue working and issue laws which withdrew all the newly acquired rights of women, Christians and other minorities.
And so did Hitler. He also put Muslim Brotherhood incompetent people in charge of all important positions.
His followers barricaded the Supreme Constitutional Court preventing the highest judges of Egypt from convening to rule on the unconstitutionality of his new laws in time

.4. After one year in office, nobody could stand him anymore. He had alienated the moderates, the rightists, the leftists, the Christians, the Judiciary, the Army, the Media, the Police and even the Azhar Institution (the official Islamic Center for Sunni Muslims all over the World for the past 1000 years) that is everybody else except his Muslim fanatics.
A group of young activists collected 20 million signed petitions asking him for a new (premature) election (they did not ask him to leave), but because he knew he would lose the election, he refused repeatedly to hold these elections.
Many millions went to the streets asking him to accept and asking the Army to intervene.

5. Following two 20 million-strong rallies calling for early elections or resignation (30 June and 3 July 2013), the Minister of Defense obliged.
He approached him together with the leaders of all parties (including some Islamists), the Judges, the heads of the Azhar and the Coptic Church, but he refused.
The Army deposed him and immediately put in charge (as a temporary president) the Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court (as dictated by the Constitution) together with a detailed plan of drawing a (non-religious) constitution, electing the parliament and electing a new president within 6 months.
The Army did not take any privileges, they did not rule and, contrary to what the Western media claim, it is not a coup d’état.
The Army is not ruling. The interim president is the head of the Supre




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